What are you most looking forward to as one of ACT’s newest Core Company members? 

Involvement in new works from their nascent form all the way to production, an opportunity not often afforded to lighting designers. 

What has made the biggest impact on your creativity as an artist? 

Learning to let go of fear of failure but this continues to be an ongoing process. 

Any creative projects you’re currently involved in/excited about? 

Designing the new musical, The Boy Who Kissed the Sky by Idris Goodwin, a co-commission with Seattle Children’s Theatre and Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. 

What are you most looking forward to in ACT’s upcoming season? 

Reggie Jackson’s History of Theatre, I am always excited about new works and am especially excited to see a fellow Core member’s creation. 

What is one of your favorite roles at ACT and why? 

I thoroughly enjoyed designing The Thin Place last season as lighting played a meaningful role in the storytelling. But I expect to keep finding “favorite roles” as I continue to work with ACT! 

If you could have dinner with any actor or artist dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

Nick Cave (the musician) who has made brilliant work throughout my entire life full of raw emotion, incredible imagery, and sly humor. Plus, we share a birthday and I like to imagine we’d have a hell of a party.