A playhouse in a historic downtown Seattle landmark with eight floors, multiple stages, and a history you can feel.

ACT is home to five main performance spaces, all providing an intimate, up close theatrical experience. All theatres are accessible by elevators.

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The Falls Theatre

Never more than 30 feet from the stage, this thrust stage (where audiences surround three sides) is named after ACT’s founder Gregory A. Falls. The Falls Theatre is located downstairs (elevator accessible).

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The Allen Theatre

Once a grand ballroom, this unique space has been transformed into a beautiful theatre in the round. The Allen Theatre seats 435 and is located on the third floor of the building.

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2024/25 Seating Maps

Seating Zones:



The Bullitt Cabaret

The Bullitt Cabaret is a versatile room that offers various types of seating, from cabaret to thrust. It is located on the lowest level, next to The Falls Theatre.

Note: Seating is not fixed, and may vary depending on each production’s needs.


Buster’s is a multi-purpose room with expansive windows and custom, configurable seating. Buster’s is located on the 2nd level.

The Lalie Theatre

A beautiful and intimate 60-seat black box theatre that was renovated from its former purpose as a rehearsal room.