Land Acknowledgement

ACT Theatre occupies Indigenous land.
YOU reside on Indigenous land.

Here in the region around the city of Seattle, we acknowledge that we live and reside on the ancestral homelands of the Muckleshoot, Suquamish, Duwamish, Snoqualmie and Tulalip peoples, along the waterways of the Salish Sea. We honor their descendants, who were the original caretakers of this land, keeping balance and cultivating the beauty for thousands of years with intricate cultures, customs and lifeways that honored and took care of this home. The Seattle area is also home to many more Native, First Nations, and Indigenous people from our region and continent. We also honor the 29 federally recognized sovereign tribal nations within the state of Washington. 

As we gather at ACT Theatre to share stories of our world with joy and clarity, we honor with gratitude the original stewards and storytellers of these landspast, present and future. We value the immense and often unrecognized contributions, sacrifices and resilience of Indigenous people here, and acknowledge the profound multigenerational impact that colonization has adversely had on Native people everywhere, including ongoing disparities, racism and political and social invisibility. To heal, we need truth and understanding that everyone actively participates in, together.

This land acknowledgement is one small act in recognizing the importance of continuing to care for the land and our important relationship with the original people of this place we all call home, who are still here. We are all in relationship to each other. 

* * *


Its not enough to recognize whose land on which you live. Learn about the people and the history of this land. You have a relationship to them, and an obligation to yourself and to them to be mindful and respectful. Remind yourself that you are neighbors to the descendants of the original people here. Respect and honor the earth, water and its inhabitants, caring for them like you would relatives. Remind yourself that you are indigenous to this planet, and your life depends on Her health, so take care of Her in a good way. Take care of your neighbor in a good way. 

Show your support for Native-led nonprofit organizations in the area serving our community. Support Native-owned businesses, Native artists and Native causes. Donate your time, energy and money to support Native people, and contact your local elected representatives.

  • Contact those responsible for education and insist that progress be made to teach the curriculum “Since Time Immemorial” in our public schools, as mandated by Washington Senate Bill 5433 (2015). We cannot move forward if we do not heal the past. To heal, we need truth and understanding that everyone actively participates in, together. Learn More.
  • Explore the Indigenous land you live on with this colorful interactive world map created by Native Land Digital.

ACT Theatre would like to acknowledge with gratitude its partnership with Russel Brooks and Red Eagle Soaring ( for their guidance in creating this document.