Falls Legacy Circle

ACT’s Falls Legacy Circle honors the vision of our founders, Greg and Jean Falls. They invested their time, talent, and treasure into creating the bold theatre we know today. In doing so they changed the cultural landscape of our region for generations to come.

Our Falls Legacy Circle members share a vision for ACT’s future and commit to our continued financial stability for future generations of bold theatre goers. Planned gifts make a tremendous impact—these investments are a vote of confidence in the daring work you see on our stages and provide a foundation for us to present ambitious art.

To discuss planned giving, please contact Michael Breeden, Director of Development, by emailing michael.breeden@acttheatre.org.

The purpose of the ACT Endowment is to produce long-term investment results in support of ACT’s artistic, educational and operational efforts. Launched in 2002, the ACT Endowment has now grown to over $2 million. With your added contribution the ACT Endowment can continue to grow, providing the theatre with steady and reliable revenue into the future.

Questions? Contact Jill Robinson, Development Officer at jill.robinson@acttheatre.org.

Gifts in honor or memory of a special occasion, friend, or loved one receive special recognition in ACT’s programs. Recipients of honorary tributes will be personally notified of any gift made in their name. For gifts made in memory, please let the development department know whom to notify of the gift.

Questions? Contact Brittany Peters at Brittany.Peters@acttheatre.org.

ACT is able to accept gifts of appreciated securities, or stock. Should you choose to give a gift of appreciated securities please note our guidelines and stock gift procedures, below:

  1. Notify ACT’s development office of your intent to donate appreciated securities by emailing Brittany.Peters@acttheatre.org.
  2. Provide your financial consultant with the Charles Schwab DTC instructions that follow
  4. Upon receipt of the shares in good order, Charles Schwab will liquidate the securities in the most cost-effective manner for ACT.
  5. Charles Schwab will document the receipt and sale of the donated stock to you and to ACT.
  6. ACT will issue an acknowledgement letter to you for the amount received from the sale of stock.


Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
DTC # 0164, Code 40
Account #9776-1920

101 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Charles Schwab Tax ID: 94-1737782
ACT Tax ID: 91-0787792

If delivering a physical stock certificate, please call us in advance to ensure the proper paperwork is submitted for transfer. This will facilitate timely acceptance and processing of your gift.

Questions? Contact Brittany Peters at Brittany.Peters@acttheatre.org.

ACT Donor Benefits
When a contribution is made through a DAF the donor immediately receives a full tax deduction per IRS rules. Benefits associated with donations are designed to be within the IRS fair market value limits. ACT’s Development Team would be happy to discuss benefit options with you if you have additional questions.

If you have made plans for ACT in your estate or would like to learn more about our Falls Legacy Circle please contact the Development Department at development@acttheatre.org or 206.292.7660 ext. 1330.

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