Be in the room where it happens!

“An experience that will forever change what you think about in those few seconds when the lights go down and before the play begins.” 

Being in the room where creative theatre professionals are working at the height of their craft is a transformational experience. The ACT Observership cohort follows a production through four touchpoints: designer presentations and the first table read; a blocking (staging) rehearsal; a technical rehearsal; and opening night.   

ACT Observerships demystify the work of making theatre, open up opportunities for students, professionals, and community members to connect with each other and learn about roles, rules, and rhythms of rehearsal and production, and provide a gateway to future engagement with ACT and theatre in general.   

Open to teens and adults 

Suggested Fee: $100 includes 2 tickets to opening night. All ACT Education programs are pay-what-you-choose.

Facilitated by ACT Artistic Associate Shana Bestock. 

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STEW is not longer accepting Observership applications.

The Lehman Trilogy, directed by John Langs 

Tuesday 4/2
(first rehearsal/read through)

Saturday 4/13
(blocking rehearsal)

Wednesday 4/24
(tech rehearsal)

Thursday 5/2
(opening night)

Thank you for making this program so accessible and being so passionate about what you do.

Observer, 20s

An extremely unique and special opportunity to go behind the scenes of the theatre process, surrounded by others who are passionate about the craft, where you are able to ask questions without reservation or judgement, learn about the ins and outs of what it takes to put on a production from start to finish, and see some of the very best local talent in action.

Observer, 30s

This experience completely energized me around theatre: the art of storytelling, the importance of how it helps us see ourselves and others, the creativity and thought required for every word to count

Observer, 60s

I felt much more invested and connected with the play and ACT because of this. It feels brilliant to have found a little bit of a home.

Observer, 40s

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