The Core Company is a group of artistic collaborators who support the mission of building community at ACT. The Core Company’s original purpose was to encourage an environment of artistic excellence while creating a home for local artists to experiment and grow. In 2020, the Core Company redefined itself as an integral part of the reimagining of ACT’s ethical mission. Members serve as an artistic advisory council that helps to guide ACT on its path to making meaningful, contemporary art.


“ACT is feeling exceptionally lucky to have Victoria, Nathaniel, Connie, and Josh join the Core Company class of 2022. It has been three years since we have added Core company members and this year marks an expansion of the vision as ACT is adding a stage manager and lighting designer to the roster of artists working to further the esthetic and ethical mission of ACT theatre. The talent ambition and compassion of this group are notable and we cant wait to feel their influence here at ACT.”

John Langs, ACT Artistic Director