Sensory Accessibility

We are thrilled to be partnering with Sensory Access and Seattle Theatre Group in creating sensory-friendly performances.

We do not have a sensory-friendly performance scheduled at this time, but please check back here for future performances.

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Sensory Access

STG - Seattle Theatre Group

Key Adjustments to Sensory Friendly Performances

  • The house lights will stay on during the performance.
  • Free movement between seats and in/out of the theatre will be permitted as needed.
  • Use of electronic devices or headphones will be allowed during the show.
  • Food and beverages will be allowed in the theatre.
  • A reduced-stimulation room equipped with comfortable seating, a quiet environment, fidget tools, and trained staff will be available.
  • Sensory-friendly snacks will be available at our in-house concessions stand.

Social Narratives

Social Narratives are visual guides to assist our guests in what to expect when attending ACT Contemporary Theatre. Click a button below to see the Social Narrative for two of ACT’s theatres.

Allen Theatre Narrative

You can see The Sunless Scar in the Allen Theatre.

Falls Theatre Narrative

You can see A Case for the Existence of God, STEW, and The Lehman Trilogy in the Falls Theatre.

Thank you for your support in creating a more inclusive ACT community!