Joshua Castille joins the company as a Deaf performance artist. He has previously been seen on ACT’s stages in Romeo and Juliet (2019) and Tribes (2017).

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What are you most looking forward to as one of ACT’s newest Core Company members? 

I’m looking forward to the process. I love being saturated in the minds of these fellow artists. I enjoy the respectful dialogue and the fusion that ensues from our meetings. I am honestly so excited to learn from them and to share my art with them.  

What has made the biggest impact on your creativity as an artist? 

Table reads at ACT have changed the way I approach the script. Working with other actors who are dedicated to the story, the messaging and fine tuning the craft to find the most effective impact.  

Any creative projects you’re currently involved in/excited about? 

I’m very excited to be working on Romeo and Juliet again for a third time (second with John). I love building the show and the world that he has built with it. Also writing my show What Is Emily Drawing? 

What is one of your favorite roles at ACT and why? 

My favorite role at act is Romeo because the permission to take Shakespeare and make it present, truly see Juliet and share that with audiences is electrifying! I love that show and I actually don’t like Romeo but the effect he has on the audiences is what I love.  

If you could have dinner with any actor/artist dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

If I could, I would love to dine with James Macavoy. I think he is great, and I want to transform as much as he has.