Anne Allgood (Tracy) is joyful and grateful beyond words to be back at ACT Theatre (where she serves as a Core Company member, and where she’s appeared in over two dozen productions — including six Christmas Carols), to share this story with you at last! She’s also appeared on Broadway, in regional theatres coast-to-coast, and in Seattle (Rep, 5th Ave, Village, SCT, etc). During the last two years she’s baked SO much bread, gotten to know more of her neighbors, and read every single Shakespeare play – as well as building a patio brick by brick, searching her heart, and knitting a LOT. She thanks the incredible production staff and crew of Sweat for their resilience and artistry, and she thanks YOU from the bottom of her heart for coming back and leaning in; for your faith in the power of theatre to change lives and to lift us up.