Theatre: Dead or Alive?!

In 2023-24, 2 remarkable teens inaugurated the positions of Young Core Company Representatives. Fish Harrison and Hersh Powers led youth engagement efforts on a variety of fronts, and were inspiring, galvanizing artistic leaders.  

Their biggest project was a hilarious, absurd, deeply heartfelt mockumentary. With the participation and support of ACT staff and bringing together talented young artists from around the region, this mockumentary is a brilliant piece of storytelling that deserves to be seen by all those who love ACT, youth theatre, and short films! 

In this fictional retelling of the creation of the education program at ACT, two charismatic-yet-unlikable teen hosts consult various departments in the theatre, proposing ridiculous solutions to problems that don’t necessarily exist.   

Say Fish and Hersh: “We want to give ACT audiences insight into the teams and people behind the theatre you love,  ACT Contemporary Theatre, while engaging in a conversation about the importance of collaborative storytelling and youth leadership. Lots of youth, ACT staff, and artists were involved in the creation and production of this show. Join us in engaging, amplifying, and celebrating youth voices!” 

Watch the Mockumentary

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