Quick Questions with Kurt Beattie

For many Northwest theatergoers, A Christmas Carol has become a ritual not to be missed, even during this season in which live theatre has been suspended. ACT pivoted and produced Gregory Falls’ adaptation of the holiday classic as an audio play in the style of the radio plays of yore, complete with a full cast, Adam Stern’s music and sound effects. Kurt Beattie is no stranger to ACT audiences and to A Christmas Carol. His turn as [...]

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It Can’t Happen Here

Did you miss the live broadcast on October 13? Don't worry - you can still listen to this audio production through November 8. Click here to hear It Can't Happen Here presented by Berkeley Rep. In 1935 Sinclair Lewis wrote It Can’t Happen Here and created a play inspired by his novel. The play is about a demagogue who gets elected as the president of the United States by promising to return the country [...]

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