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In Wad, local playwright, ACT favorite and member of the Core Company Keiko Green weaves together a darkly humorous, unpredictable tale.

From the isolation of her bedroom, Nyce reaches out to Jim, a prisoner on death row, both motivated by a deep yearning. For her, a fascination with his crime and impending execution. For him, a need for connection to the outside world. Strangers become pen pals in an intricate psychological dance. This dark comedy is whimsical, dangerous, and captivating. Writer Keiko Green’s lifelong interest in detective serials and true crime brings this story to life for the first time, on screen.

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Avery Clark Rachel Guyer-Mafune

^*Avery Clark, Jim
*Rachel Guyer-Mafune, Nyce


Ameenah Kaplan, Director
^Jean Egdorf, Stage Manager
*Keiko Green, Playwright
MJ Sieber, Director of Photography and Visual Effects Supervisor
A.G. Quinn, Art Direction and Set Dressing
Amanda Mueller, Costume Designer
Sharath Patel, Sound Designer and Master Sound Editor
Cricket Myers, Assoc Sound Design


Ben Laurance, Editor and Video Support
Lauren Dudley, Producer

Can’t Stop That Train
Performed by Trevor and Sylvie
Written by Sylvie Davidson

*Members of ACT’s Core Company

^Member of Actor’s Equity Association

This recording has been made available in partnership with employees represented by Actor’s Equity Association, the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society, and United Scenic Artists.

In September 2020, Keiko Green sat down with fellow playwright Kirsten Potter to discuss their craft. Hear about Keiko’s process and more in this lively panel conversation.

There are many moments during Wad that may capture the audience and create debate and conversation beyond the performance.

However, we are conscious that some moments can be particularly distressing for some individuals. Wad adult themes. The themes include:

  • Death or dying
  • Graphic descriptions of violent crime (not shown on screen)
  • Description of sexual acts and sexual fantasy of an underage woman
  • Incarceration
  • Discussion and simulation of capital punishment

This show is recommended for ages 15+.

We cannot anticipate what might be triggering or traumatic for each individual. ACT believes that patrons can determine for themselves what is appropriate for themselves and their children.  We don’t create age restrictions but do our best to offer content advisories for each show. For detailed information about show content and possible triggers, please contact

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A high schooler and death-row inmate correspond in ACT Theatre’s savvy, visually interesting ‘Wad.’ 
(Keiko) Green’s darkly comic play might just be perfect for the current moment, given its examination of isolation’s effect on the soul.

Dusty Somers, The Seattle Times

The performances by Avery Clark and Rachel Guyer- Mafune manage to bring the material to life in a very real way. There were moments the scenes seemed like something you would see at an in-person performance at the ACT. Other times, the nuances of the play really came to the forefront because as an audience member you can see the details, you can see the facial expressions of the actors, and the sets really pop in the virtual world.

Mark Sugiyama, Eclectic Arts

So so so good. The writing and performances and direction and artful special effects… Congratulations Keiko and MJ and ACT!

Facebook comment,
A year ago, if anyone had told me I’d be watching theater, GOOD theater, on the internet, LOCAL theater, I’d have raised my eyebrows slightly and shook my head. WAD was phenomenal. It was everything it professed to be and more … If you’re missing live theater, fret no more.
Facebook comment,
WAD is fabulous! A perfect script for Zoom and the acting simply could NOT be better. I have watched probably 30 (probably more) theatre productions on zoom and/or streaming in the past year and this is right at the top of the hugely successful adaptation-to-Covid list! Congratulations, everyone involved with WAD.
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