Ray Tagavilla (Bob Cratchit)

Ray Tagavilla is a graduate of the UW Drama Program and is a recipient of the 2012, 2014 Gregory Award for Best Supporting Actor for Jesus Hopped the A Train and A Small Fire and 2016 for Lead Actor for The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. Some of his theater credits include Porcelain (Theater Off Jackson), Our Country’s Good, Money and Run Series, Trojan Women, and Four Dogs and a Bone (Theater Schmeater), Richard II (Seattle Shakespeare), Sex in Seattle Series and Cowboy Vs Samurai (SISProductions), An American Book of the Dead and Clubfoot (Annex Theater), Soft Rock Kid (ACT/Central Heating Lab), The Mistakes Madeline Made (Washington Ensemble Theatre), Elephant’s Graveyard and Zastrozzi: The Master of Discipline (Balagan Theater), Spidermann (Jose Bold), Of Mice and Men (Seattle Repertory Theatre), Sauced, Smoked, Persimmon Nights (Café Nordo), A Lie of the Mind (Collektor), White Hot (West of Lenin), Jesus Hopped the A Train (Azeotrope), Ramayana, Middletown, King of the Yees, The Crucible (ACT), A Small Fire (Sound Theater Company), The Journal of Ben Uchida (Seattle Children’s Theater), A Prelude To a Kiss (Strawberry Theater), and most recently The Angel in the House (Café Nordo).