Frequently Asked Questions

Does ACT provide marketing for my event?2018-04-03T18:43:50-07:00

ACT does not provide marketing for any third party events on our website, in print, or via email.

Do we have to do the clean-up following the event?2018-04-03T18:43:23-07:00

ACT covers most basic janitorial needs, but we do not permit overnight storage of signage, raffle prizes, extra wine—this all must go with you at the end of the night.

We want to host a reception near a conference at the convention center, just how close are you?2018-04-03T18:42:50-07:00

So close, we share a hallway! When we are open for shows and events, we open up our convention hallway and your guests won’t need to step outside at all to find your reception. ACT is closer than most hotels to your conference, convention, and meetings at WSCC.

Can I have vendors drop off cakes, rentals, flowers, etc. on-site?2018-04-03T18:42:22-07:00

Absolutely! ACT is happy to provide loading dock instructions for vendors to bring your items for the event. We ask that these deliveries come during your rental period, and if they need to come during a time outside this window there is a rental receiving fee.

Can we bring in decorations?2018-04-03T18:41:51-07:00

Yes! You can bring décor to make the space your own for your event! We do not permit taping or tacking anything to the walls. No glitter of any kind is permitted. Candles are permitted in holders that are at least 2” above the flame—ACT must approve the safety of the style in advance. ACT does not provide any linen or glassware for events, our catering partner—Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes would be happy to coordinate your rental needs.

Do you have tables and chairs?2018-04-03T18:41:10-07:00

Yes! We provide tables and chairs on a first-come-first-serve basis. Let us know what type of set-up you would like for your event and we will let you know if our inventory can accommodate. If you need to rent additional tables or chairs, our catering partner—Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes would be happy to coordinate your rental needs.

Where is ACT Theatre and is there parking nearby?2018-04-03T18:37:44-07:00

ACT Theatre is in Downtown Seattle. More information on Directions & Parking.

I want to book my event in 2020—how far do you book in advance?2018-04-03T18:36:27-07:00

We are typically booking for the current calendar year, meaning 2017 dates won’t be available until late 2016. There are some exceptions to this rule, and you can always reach out with the date you’re interested in and see if we are able to book it for you! And you’re welcome to come see the space and get on the waiting list for when those dates open up.

I need rehearsal space for my play/dance group/comedy troupe; can we rent space at ACT?2018-04-03T18:35:52-07:00

Yes! Fill out a request form here for more information on rates and availability.

Can I hold auditions at ACT?2018-04-03T18:34:55-07:00

Absolutely! Fill out a request form here for more information on rates and availability.

Can I bring my theatrical production to ACT?2018-04-03T18:34:19-07:00

If you’re looking to stage a performance at ACT, please check out the ACTLab.

Can I buy group tickets to a show and do a private reception before or after we see the performance?2018-04-03T18:33:06-07:00

Yes! As a matter of fact, we would love it if you did! Our Mainstage and ACTLab shows are what we are all about and we would be happy to work with your group to package together a reception and group tickets! Reach out to the Events and Venue Manager by filling out this form. Explore our Season here.

What is ACT Theatre’s cancellation policy?2018-04-03T18:31:59-07:00

ACT reserves the right to retain a percentage of the “Base Fee” in the event that there is a cancellation made by the client. 20% is non-refundable at the time of contract signing. 50% of the “Base Fee” is non-refundable 6 months prior to the event. And 100% of the “Base Fee” is non-refundable ninety days prior to the event. If for any reason ACT Theatre needs to cancel your event, you will get a full refund.

Does ACT require a security deposit for my event?2018-04-03T18:31:23-07:00

ACT requires a $500 security deposit check two weeks prior to your event that is only cashed if there is damage following the event. In the instance that there is no damage the check is destroyed unless you request for it to be mailed back to you.

Does ACT require that I provide insurance for my event?2018-04-03T18:30:34-07:00

We do require clients carry insurance to cover damage or loss during an event. It is usually very simple to get event insurance through your primary insurance provider, or through several online companies. We are happy to make suggestions if you need help finding one!

My non-profit organization would like to hold our fundraiser at ACT—can we get a discount?2018-04-03T18:30:43-07:00

We gladly offer a 50% discount on the “Base Fee” for organizations with 501c-3 non-profit status. This does not apply to an individual who works for a non-profit but is hosting a personal event.

Is the ACT Event Manager the same thing as a Day-Of-Coordinator?2018-04-03T18:28:51-07:00

We are glad you asked—they are not quite the same. For weddings and large events, a Day-Of-Coordinator is with the client every step of the day, providing last-minute tweaks to a dress or tracking down a groomsman who got lost right before pictures. ACT’s Event Manager is on-site primarily to oversee guest safety, to coordinate the greeters and the IATSE Technician schedules, and to manage the event overlap with other shows and activities in the building. The Event Manager’s responsibilities prevent them from devoting their attention to the duties of a Day-Of-Coordinator.

ACT does offer Day-Of-Coordination packages to ensure everything runs beautifully for your big day! More information on Creative Staffing Packages through ACT here.

Is an ACT Event Manager required?2018-04-03T18:27:50-07:00

Yes, the Event Manager is required to be on-site whenever you are to ensure that everything is working properly, your room is set-up how you’d like it, and that any last-minute changes can happen! They are also there to assist in emergencies, evacuate your guests if need be, and to oversee other staff related to the event.

Are the ACT Greeters required?2018-04-03T18:27:13-07:00

Yes, our greeters are required to help all of the guests in our building find their way—and with five different venue spaces throughout eight floors, it’s no cakewalk! They’re trained on how to assist in an emergency situation, helping to keep our guests safe and secure.

Do you have preferred or exclusive caterers?2018-04-03T18:26:40-07:00

Yes, we work exclusively with Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering for all catering and bar services. We love working with Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes because they provide a diverse range of menu options to suit any budget. You can find more information about Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes here.

Can I visit ACT to see the venues?2018-04-03T18:19:51-07:00

Absolutely! We know that it’s hard to know how your event will feel in a space without seeing it. We highly recommend experiencing our venues in person before booking if you are able to come by for an appointment. We include a walkthrough at the time of booking and a final walkthrough a month out from your event. We highly recommend bringing vendors who need to see the venue to the second walkthrough. Additional walkthroughs are available for a fee. Walkthroughs are available by appointment only, Monday-Friday between 9:00am-5:00pm.

How much time does the rental include?2018-04-03T18:17:29-07:00

The “Base Fee” room cost covers eight hours of rental including decorating time and clean-up. Beyond those eight hours, an “Hourly Rate” will be applied for each additional hour. Inquire here for more information.

The “Hourly Rate” is applied to rentals that last longer than eight hours and also on rentals occurring between 10:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday. Events schedule outside these set times are subject to the “Base Fee.” This rate offers flexibility for meetings, luncheons, and other events which tend to be shorter and smaller than early morning or evening events. If your evening event goes beyond 8 hours, the “Hourly Rate” will be charged for each additional hour along with the “Base Fee” for the room. For an estimated cost for your rental, please complete the event inquiry form here.

How much does it cost to have an event at ACT?2018-04-03T18:15:15-07:00

ACT has a wide range of event spaces that can accommodate anywhere from 25 to 500 guests. Each venue has a “Base Fee” for the day which depends on the capacity and demand. Additional costs for staffing and resource rentals may also apply. We are happy to provide an estimate which outlines all projected costs that apply specifically to your event. Inquire here for more information.