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Left on Yellow Brick Road

Dates: February 13–February 16, 2020
Run time: TBD
Location: Lalie Theatre

Sherif Amin is the first Egyptian to perform a solo show at ACT.

When a boy from Egypt unexpectedly finds himself in the Land of Oz, he travels to a place past the Emerald City where he stays. Soon he starts to wonder, is it better to stay in Oz or find his way back?

Sherif Amin explores the ugly side of love and heartbreak through the technicolored glasses of an American classic. Left on Yellow Brick Road digs deep into cyclical patterns we try to hide when we lose ourselves and our sense of home.

This performance will be double billed with Jasmine Joshua’s Bread Crumbs

Sherif is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts Original Works program; He was recently seen in Freehold Engaged Theater’s production of As You Like It. Previous credits include: The Winter’s Tale, Above Between Below (Fall and Spring Tour), The Secret and Impossible League of the Noosphere, Hamlet, Henry V, Trump the King, Raisins in a Glass of Milk, and his one man show El Kook, and Quixote: Book One. Sherif has worked with ACT, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Infinity Box Theater, Book-It Repertory Theater, and 18th and Union. He is thrilled to be the first Egyptain to ever perform a solo show at ACT.

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