Project Description

Devi Cast

Meenakshi Rishi (Mrinalini)

This is Meenakshi Rishi’s 3rd ACT Lab production after Mother in Another Language (Pratidhwani+ACT, 2011) and Dance Like A Man (Pratidhwani+ACTLab, 2015).

In addition to her teaching talk show (on air since 1993), she has performed in Ron- The War Within (Seattle Theaterwala, 2017), A Small History of Amal, Age 7 (Forward Flux+Pratidhwani, 2018), Centrifuge, and Mirror Stage productions. She was nominated for a Gregory Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Ratna in Dance Like a Man (Pratidhwani+ACTlab, 2015).  

Outside of the theater universe, Meenakshi is mostly a Professor of Economics, hopefully a supportive spouse, and always a crazy mama. When she grows up she would like to see a world without inequity and injustice.