Project Description

Devi Cast

Jayant Bhopatkar (Harballabh Roy)

Jayant has been a fixture in Seattle-based South Asian performing arts organizations like Pratidhwani, Seattle Maharashtra Mandal, Xperiments, and IAWW. Over the past 30 years, he has acted in or directed over 70 Marathi, Hindi, and English plays.

At Pratidhwani, Jayant has performed with all 4 wings – dance, theater, light music, and classical music. He has acted in over a dozen productions here, starting with Ek tha Gadha in 2009.  Other notable performances are Kanyadaan (2010), Shaadi dot con (2014), Indian Ink (with Sound Theater Company, 2015), and Yours Mallika (2015).

He is a seasoned percussionist and has played the tabla for visiting classical artists from India as well as for local bands such as Swarali, Shruti, and Gunjan. Additionally, he is an avid cyclist (10 STPs to credit) and a world traveler.

Jayant is also a proud dad to two beautiful teenage daughters and a loving husband to his wife. In his spare time, he works at Microsoft.