Project Description

Alyssa Keene’s (Understudy) pre-pandemic acting credits include: Fanny in Howl’s Moving Castle (Book-It), Maggie in Yen (ACT), Lili in Why We Have a Body (Strawshop), and Yvette in Mother Courage (Seattle Shakespeare).  During the pandemic, she wrote and performed (via live broadcast) with Macha Theatre Works Resistance: A Love Story, her one-woman show about her family’s relationship with the French Resistance during WWII.  Dialect coaching credits include: What We Were (Pony World Theatre), Austen’s Pride, West Side Story (5th Ave); Language Rooms (Pony World); Jitterbug Perfume (Café Nordo), and over 30 productions at ACT since 2005. As a voice actor, she can currently be heard as the narrator for several podcasts, including Opening Doors and SoundPages, for which she served as a co-producer. During quarantine, she voiced the role of Young Vic for the radio play podcast The Life and Times of Victoria C. Woodhull, Future Presidentess with UMO Ensemble.