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ACT is dedicated to the pursuit of new art, new thought, and a higher degree of artistic excellence. ACT's adult education programs are taught by professional artists who give participants the freedom to develop their creative voices in a supportive, invigorating, and challenging setting.

"I simply wanted to take a moment to mention how much I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED YOUR CLASS THESE PAST WEEKS; unfortunately ­ after  graduate school workshops, and teaching undergraduate workshops myself ­ I found myself a bit disillusioned by the process on the whole, but the class structure that you utilized was, without question, ONE OF THE BEST THAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED, and I am confident that my work has improved through each session."

- Stacy D. Flood, 2011 ACT Intermediate Playwriting Student

Adult Playwriting Program

Our Intro and Intermediate APP classes will be back in the fall. Please check back for more details.

All classes and showcases are held at ACT, 700 Union Street, Seattle, WA 98101